hank azaria simpsons actor walk of fame gi Hank Azaria: 'Simpsons' actor sues over 'Jim Brockmire' character rights

It’s the case of he said-he said in a copyright kerfuffle, as “The Simpsons” actor, Hank Azaria sues over the rights to his character, “Jim Brockmire.”
The Wrap reports Azaria filed a lawsuit seeking a declaration that fellow actor, Craig Bierko has no claim over the character’s voice. Azaria, who voices Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum and Moe Szyslak for “The Simpsons,” says his plans to develop a feature film based on the Brockmire character are being foiled by Bierko’s claims that he collaborated with Azaria in creation of the character’s voice.
Azaria wants a judge to tell Bierko a character’s voice is not copyrightable, so he can move forward with motion picture plans.
Th voice in question made its debut in a 2010 “Funny or Die” sketch.

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