jamie foxx saturday night live 'Hannibal' and 'The Middleman' creators   and Jamie Foxx   set up shop at SyfySyfy unveiled a big slate of projects in development Wednesday (April 10). It includes series projects from “Hannibal” and “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller, “The Middleman’s” Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Robert Zemeckis and … Jamie Foxx, who’s behind a new horror series at the cable channel.

Foxx will executive produce, direct and write for an untitled horror anthology series set to premiere in October. Syfy name-checks “Tales From the Crypt” and “The Twilight Zone” in describing the show, which will feature “creepy morality tales” based on ideas like envy and superficiality. Other writers on the show include Mike Ferris (“Terminator 3,” “The Game”) and John E. Pogue (“Everwood”).

Some of the other projects in development at Syfy:

“High Moon”: Fuller and fellow “Hannibal” writer-producer Jim Danger Gray are behind an adaptation of the novel “The Lotus Caves” by John Christopher. Mining colonies on the moon are plunged into chaos when miners discover a new form of life. It has a pilot order.

“Infinity”: When an alien fleet is spotted near Pluto, the only spaceship on Earth capable of interstellar travel rides out to meet it — only to get sucked into a wormhole and flung into an uncharted region of space. The crew looks for a way home while encountering new worlds and aliens. In development from Grillo-Marxuach (“The Middleman,” “Lost”).

“No Place”: Zemeckis (“Flight,” “Back to the Future”) is executive producing this project, about residents of a gated community who find the rest of the world has seemingly disappeared. Ferris and his “Terminator” writing partner John Brancato are penning the script.

“Helix”: “Battlestar Galactica’s” Ron Moore is executive producing this series about a team of scientists trying to keep a disease outbreak at an Arctic research base from threatening the entire world. Cameron Porsandeh wrote the pilot, which has been picked up to series but doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

“Ringworld”: A miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Larry Niven about the discovery of a massive alien artifact that could save Earth from destruction. Michael Perry (“The River,” “Paranormal Activity 2”) is adapting the book.

“Childhood’s End”: A miniseries adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke‘s novel about an alien invasion that turns the planet into a Utopia.

“Cosworld”: A docu-series about the “hottest cosplay stars” and the subculture prevalent at fan conventions. It premieres in August. 

Posted by:Rick Porter