laurence fishburne hannibal season 2 finale mizumono 'Hannibal' Season 2 finale: Who's still alive for Season 3?Stylistically, “Hannibal” is always breathtaking. It really has no peer on TV right now in terms of the stunning visuals and atmosphere. But “Mizumono,” the Season 2 finale, turns the heightened style up to 11.

The episode starts with a tension-filled conversation — actually, two conversations — where Will Graham is plotting with both Hannibal Lecter and Jack Crawford and the viewer never quite knows with whom he is truly siding.

But the tension just keeps ratcheting up, aided spectacularly by the discordant music and constant ticking clock and droplets of water dotting the soundtrack. The episode’s climax, which takes us back to the premiere flash-forward of Jack and Hannibal’s bloody fight, sees Alana confront Hannibal as Jack bleeds out in the pantry — but she does so with an empty gun because Hannibal took her bullets.

A chase ensues and it’s one of the scarier things the show has done (and that is saying something), particularly when Abigail Hobbs appears and Hans Grubers Alana out a second-story window. Will arrives, having subverted the FBI, which is not at all approving of Jack and Will’s plan to trap Hannibal, and Alana is still alive, so she urges WIll to go in the house and help Jack.

Will sees Abigail and is then violently sliced in the gut by Hannibal as Hannibal hugs him close and tells him they all could have been together, except that Will was never truly with him. Hannibal forgives Will, but he still leaves Will there to die in a pool of both his own and Abigail’s blood, whose throat Hannibal cuts before he walks out into the cleansing rain.

In the final frames, Will, Jack, Alana, the buck from Will’s visions and Abigail all lay dying and the credits roll over the sun bursting through the clouds, as an airplane carrying Hannibal and (gasp!) Dr. Du Maurier flies through the sky off to France, one presumes.

What does this mean for Season 3? Who will still be alive for it? Will it feature Jack Crawford and Will Graham on the hunt for Hannibal and Bedelia Du Maurier? We can’t wait to find out when it returns in 2015.

Best Lines:

Jack Crawford: “Hannibal thinks you’re his man in the room. I think you’re mine.”

: “When the moment comes, will you do what needs to be done?”

What did you think of the Season 2 finale of “Hannibal”?

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