“Hannibal” star Hugh Dancy has to be able to take a lot on his show. Cannibalism, murder, creepy mushrooms and constant atmospheric lighting, however, don’t really bother the actor.

What does bother him is something that involved a Pez dispenser. Find out what in this interview from the NBC upfronts in New York.

One of the reasons that Dancy can put up with all of the crazy facing his character, Will Graham, is that he thinks Will could essentially be a happy person. “He’s just having an extremely unfunny period in his life,” Dancy tells Zap2it.

What’s so unfunny about Will’s life? For one thing, there’s a decent chance that the man has eaten human flesh. “I think the possibility remains that he has cannibalized,” Dancy says. “Let’s put it this way: I don’t think you could present human flesh — sorry, present flesh to Hannibal and get away with it not being human. The man has a good nose. So Will has definitely transgressed in some serious ways.”

How badly has Will crossed that line between humanity and Hannibalism? “That’s a good question,” Dancy says. “I think, look — he’s killed someone, he’s mutilated someone, he’s probably eaten someone. So he’s teetering already on about as bad as it gets. The question is really: How dark can he get and still retrieve himself? And that’s pretty much what — that’s the question that hangs over Season 2, pretty much through the finale. So I don’t want to blow that.”

With all of that, Dancy somehow manages to keep a sense of humor about all of the horrible stuff that happens on his show. But even the star isn’t immune to some things. Dancy does allow that one murder put him a little on edge:

“The only I found a little disturbing was in Season 1 when Doctor … what’s his name? The neurologist [Donald Sutcliffe, played by John Benjamin Hickey] … who gets his head chopped in half like a kind of Pez dispenser. [He and I] had just done a scene the day before, and he was a walking, talking guy. And, as it happens, a friend of mine. And then to walk onto the set, unexpectedly seeing him there with his head cleaved open. I really surprised myself by being upset by that, because normally I dig that stuff. I really dig it. It’s cool!”

And that’s how he puts up with all that “Hannibal” has to offer. Join him in surviving the crazy evil when “Hannibal” airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown