danielle fishel birthday gi Happy birthday, Danielle Fishel: Watch Cory and Topanga's 'Boy Meets World' romance

It’s Danielle Fishel’s birthday and the year is shaping up to be great for her, with “Girls Meets World” coming in June. The series will follow the greatest romance ever born out of Friday night TV, Cory and Topanga from “Boy Meets World.”
Celebrate Fishel’s special day by reliving some of Cory and Topanga’s highs and lows, before “Girl Meets World” debuts.
Everything begins somewhere, for Cory and Topanga it was a single kiss during a time when Cory wasn’t feeling very good about himself.

They would act on the obvious attraction, though. Granted, they both wanted to at various times.

Somehow Cory was the one playing hard to get.

Once they got together though, you’d think they were unbreakable. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

However, they both needed to do some growing up and eventually found their way back to one another, this time for good.

Not even Topanga moving away could keep them apart.

Eventually, as you should have known from the beginning, they got married and began their happily ever after.

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