that 70s show danny masterson birthday Happy birthday, Danny Masterson: Celebrate with Hyde's best 'That '70s Show' GIFs Happy birthday, Danny Masterson!

The “That ’70s Show” star turns 38 on Thursday (March 13), and he first stole our hearts (and our stash) as the bad-boy-with-a-heart Steven Hyde. Now the father of one continues to bring the laughs on TBS’ “Men at Work.” 

But there’s really no better way to celebrate Masterson’s big day than with Hyde’s best moments on the cult classic comedy. So dim the lights, gather your friends in an “incense” circle and let’s get this thing going, man …

First off, let’s let Hyde describe himself:
tumblr mh5nx20gjt1rho69vo1 r1 500 Happy birthday, Danny Masterson: Celebrate with Hyde's best 'That '70s Show' GIFsHe’s not lying, he really loves “incense” circles …

Especially when shared with friends:
tumblr_mh31qcE5kJ1redtrqo1_500.gifBecause when he starts laughing:

He just can’t stop:
tumblr_m1vwb9IxON1qa0gpno1_500.gifAnd nothing can hold back his munchies:
Hyde-that-70s-show-35205453-500-500.gifHe’s also come up with some of his best ideas while in an “incense” circle:
And not all of them were conspiracy theories, either. Remember his water car idea? Instead of gas, you put water in the tank, man:

1 Happy birthday, Danny Masterson: Celebrate with Hyde's best 'That '70s Show' GIFs

But even when he’s not in an “incense” circle, Hyde is still the best. Because he’s got strong opinions on everything:
And he doesn’t deviate from them:
And he knows what he likes:
Plus, check out those sick dance moves:
He loves messing with his friends:
Especially Kelso:
But the best part of Hyde was his on-again, off-again relationship with Jackie because it brought out the soft, deep, emotional side that he usually keeps hidden. Everyone knows that Hyde and Jackie should have ended up together:
So happy birthday, Danny Masterson! Hope you finally got that water car, man.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum