harry connick jr birthday american idol gi Happy birthday, Harry Connick Jr.: 46 reasons to celebrate 46 years

Harry Connick, Jr. is a celebrated singer, musician, actor and now “American Idol” judge. He has even more to celebrate on Wednesday (Sept. 11) when Connick turns 46.

To help with that, here are 46 reasons to be happy Harry Connick, Jr. made it into the world.

Note: The 46 awesome things are in no particular order.

1. “When Harry Met Sally”: Connick supplied the soundtrack to the classic romantic comedy

2. “Dixieland Plus”: Connick’s first album, released in 1977 (when he was 10)

3. “Will and Grace”: The singer turned actor to play Grace’s husband, Dr. Leo Markus

4. “Harry Connick Jr.”: Connick’s official debut album from 1987

4. “Songs I Heard”: Big band versions of children’s songs!

5. “Independence Day”: Aliens couldn’t stand up to Connick’s jet-pilot character (“Let’s kick the tires and light the fires!”)

6. “Sleepless in Seattle”: The song “A Wink and a Smile” was Connick’s contribution to the movie

7. “Memphis Belle”: Connick’s acting debut in 1990

8. “Come by Me”: 1999’s album offering

9. “(I Could Only) Whisper Your Name”: From the soundtrack to “The Mask,” Connick’s best-selling single to date

10. Grammys: In addition to many, many nominations, Connick has one three performance awards

11. “Pure Dixieland”: A 1979 album, released when Connick was 12

12. “The Godfather III”: “Promise Me You’ll Remember” earned Connick an Oscar nomination

13. “Copycat”: Harry Connick, Jr. played a serial killer in 1995 opposite Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter

14. Nobel Peace Prize concert: In 1997, Connick played for the prestigious prize-giving ceremony in Oslo

15. “Blue Light, Red Light”: 1991 album

16. “Thou Shalt Not”: The musician was nominated for a Tony for his score to the Broadway musical

17. “When My Heart Finds Christmas”: His 1993 Christmas album

18. US Patent 6,348,648: Held by Connick, it helps coordinate music in an orchestra

19. Emmys: Connick has won two Emmys for his musical specials

20. “The Happy Elf”: A 2005 holiday special composed, produced and narrated by Connick

21. “100 Biggest Weather Moments”: Harry Connick, Jr. hosted this Weather Channel program in 2007

22. “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”: As an actor, Connick appeared in four episodes during 2012

23. Krewe of Orpheus: Connick is a founder of a music-based krewe that parades around New Orleans before Mardi Gras

24. “Harry for the Holidays”: A decade after his first holiday album, Connick released a second one

25. Habitat for Humanity: The honorary chair of Operation Home Delivery, benefitting victims of hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast

26. “To See You”: A 1997 album

27. “Oh, My NOLA”: A 2007 album released about New Orleans after hurricane Katrina

28. Super Bowl XXVI: Connick performed “The Star Spangled Banner” before the game

29. “Every Man Should Know”: Connick’s most recent album, released in 2013

30. “Lofty’s Roach Souffle”: 1990 album

31. The Pope: A practicing Catholic, Connick performed at Pope Benedict XVI’s mass in Yankee Stadium

32. “20”: The 1988 album that made “When Harry Met Sally” possible

33. “Dolphin Tale 2”: There’s a sequel coming in 2014 — and Connick is in it

34. New Orleans: After hurricane Katrina, Connick (a native of New Orleans) was involved in relief efforts and fundraising

35. “Only You”: In 2004, Connick’s highest-charting album got to number 5 on the charts in the United States

36. “She”: Connick’s New Orleans funk album of 1994 — it went platinum

37. Honorary doctorate: Tulane University honored Connick in 2009

38. “The Iron Giant”: Connick provided the voice for Dean McCoppin

39. “30”: The third in a series of numbered albums, “30” was released in 2001

40. Family: Connick is married to a former Victoria’s Secret model and has three daughters

41. “We Are in Love”: The 1990 follow-up to “When Harry Met Sally”

42. “Star Turtle”: Another funk album, this 1994 release didn’t do as well as “She”

43. Album sales: Approximately 28 million albums have sold

44. “Hope Floats”: Co-starring with Sandra Bullock, this was Connick’s first lead film role

45. “Occasion: Connick on Piano”: Released in two volumes in 2003 and 2005

46. “American Idol”: Once a mentor, now a judge, always an impressive musical figure

american idol judges season 13 keith urban jennifer lopez harry connick jr birthday Happy birthday, Harry Connick Jr.: 46 reasons to celebrate 46 years

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