madonna 56th birthday videos Happy birthday, Madonna: Celebrate with Top 5 favorite music videosFor Madonna’s 56th birthday, we’re here to count down our Top 5 favorite music videos from one of the biggest pop stars of all time. Now, these are personal choices, so we understand if you are outraged if your favorite videos didn’t make the list. Leave your thoughts in the comments! On to the count down.

No. 5, ‘Rain’

An unusual choice, to be sure, but this is one of my favorite Madonna songs and I love the beautiful simplicity of the video. Madonna has put out her fair share of controversial, edgy videos (and those are on this list), but sometimes it’s OK to dial it back a little and just be beautiful.

No. 4, ‘Human Nature’

Speaking of controversial, “Human Nature” comes in at No. 4 because when it debuted in 1995, 13-year-old me did not know what hit me. I thought this was the coolest video and coolest song message I had ever, ever heard up to that point.

No. 3, ‘Like a Prayer’

This video seemed super edgy when I first saw it — and it kind of was, considering the uproar it caused. Heck, this video released now would probably be considered controversial by some. But it’s just a neat story, plus I love a brunette Madonna.

No. 2, ‘Vogue’

You can’t have a list without “Vogue.” Perhaps Madonna’s most highly-stylized video, I could watch this on an endless loop. It is absolutely gorgeous. Did you know it was directed by David Fincher, of “Fight Club” and “Seven”? Now you know.

No. 1, ‘Open Your Heart’

I must have a thing for the direction of Jean-Baptiste Mondino, because he directed both “Human Nature” and “Open Your Heart” (and also “Justify My Love,” which just missed out on this list). But anyway, “Open Your Heart” is both a funny and sexy little story and it’s the first Madonna video I can remember being obsessed with.

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