maggie siff sons of anarchy critics choice tv awards gi Happy birthday, Maggie Siff: Does she want a 'Sons of Anarchy' happy ending?

It’s Maggie Siff’s birthday Saturday (June 21) and, while she’s not back at work on “Sons of Anarchy,” she’s busy as ever being a new mom. Still, even though her character was killed off, she’s excited about what’s to come on the final season of “Sons.”
Recently, Siff said that she wasn’t requesting the scripts ahead of time because she simply wanted to take the ride through the final season with the fans. She’s definitely thinking about what might happen, though. Zap2it had the chance to speak with the actress at the Critics Choice TV Awards Thursday (June 19) about whether or not anyone in Charming will get a happy ending when Season 7 ends.
“It’s an interesting question,” she says. “It’s hard to imagine ‘Sons of Anarchy’ ending happily but I can imagine some kind of redemption for some people along the way, maybe.”
As for those who are less deserving of redemption, Gemma has to be hear the top of the list. After all, she’s the one who brutally murdered Tara in the Season 6 finale. Siff doesn’t have a presence on social media, but she definitely felt the fan reaction to leaving the show. “I encounter it in weird ways. You know, like when I go to the supermarket,” she explains. “A woman walked up to me yesterday in the supermarket crying. I feel like there are certain women who were really, really moved and were like ‘Oh my God, what happened?’ and were genuinely shocked.”
There’s bound to be plenty of shocking moments in store before all is said and done. “Sons of Anarchy” returns for a final season in September on FX.
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