tom hiddleston birthday gi Happy birthday, Tom Hiddleston: 5 TV shows he'd be great on

Tom Hiddleston is on top of the world. Even as a villain, he’s one of the most beloved pieces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At this point the sky is the limit for him on film, but what if Hiddleston wanted to take a little break from movies for a good TV role?
He’s celebrating a birthday Sunday (Feb. 9) and to mark the occasion, Zap2it has a few ideas of where Hiddleston could appear on TV to make the fans swoon over every single thing he does even more.
This is the easiest and most obvious answer. Jaimie Alexander has already reprised her “Thor: The Dark World” role of Lady Sif on the show, so it’s not the craziest idea to think Loki could pop up somewhere. Besides, who doesn’t want to see him and Coulson (Clark Gregg) face-to-face after the events in “Marvel’s The Avengers”?
There’s a brand new Doctor in Peter Capaldi, so why not shake things up with this little bit of stunt casting. Obviously, Hiddleston can’t stick around for an entire season, but appearing as a temporary companion might be an interesting dynamic for the  Doctor and Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman). He could also be a villain the Doctor has to face. After all, Simon Pegg did it.
It doesn’t matter who he’d play: The world needs Hiddleston on “Sherlock,” if only to put him on screen with Benedict Cumberbatch. Their chemistry is spot on when they’re nowhere near each other, imagine if they happened to be in the same room.
He already has the connection through “Thor: The Dark World” director Alan Taylor, who is also responsible for several episodes of “Game of Thrones.” Surely there’s a place for him somewhere in Westeros, regardless of the size of the role.
The upcoming event series continuation of “24” takes place and is shooting in London. As a native of Westminster, Hiddleston as the guy making Jack Bauer’s life miserable, pulling the strings in whatever terror plot he’s trying to put an end to, would be a sight to behold. Since it’s a one-off short season, there also wouldn’t be any long-term commitments.
What TV show would you like to see Hiddleston appear on?
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