miley cyris twerk marion ross happy days 'Happy Days' Marion Ross thinks Miley Cyrus should 'be very careful'

“Happy Days” star Marion Ross, better known to fans as Mrs. Cunningham, has some words of advice for Miley Cyrus. The 85-year-old actress was asked in a recent interview about Cyrus’ now-infamous tendency to twerk, and she admits she thinks the shift in focus in Hollywood has changed.

“[My mother] would say, ‘It’s what you are on the inside, not what you are on the outside.’ Now, when I go to Hollywood, I think, well, obviously she had it all wrong. It’s what you are on the outside!” Ross tells Parade.

She actually thinks Cyrus might be in danger of going too far with her various antics. “[Pop stars] should be very careful with the way they run their lives. It’s dangerous out there,” she says. “I was so green, so pure. I was so damn good. But I ended up being Mrs. C. So, if you stick it out, it can be good for you.”

Do you think Cyrus should heed this advice?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz