happy endings abc 'Happy Endings': A baby shower, shirtless sandwich eating and sex dreamsWe were lucky enough to visit the set of the hilarious comedy “Happy Endings” recently. Boy did we get some great stuff! If you’re not watching this show, you have to start. Somewhat meta, super goofy and lots of fun, “Happy Endings” has us laughing our rear ends off every week. In fact, we are going to recommend from experience that you refrain from drinking milk while watching. It was messy.

In the first of our stories from the set, we got some info on an upcoming baby shower, shirtless sandwich eating and sex dreams. We spoke with Adam Pally who plays Max, Zachary Knighton who plays Dave and Eliza Coupe who plays Jane. And yes, you read that right. In an upcoming episode, there will be a baby shower for Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane. Spoiler alert! Well, not really. There is no baby. Pally says, “They’re not pregnant.” Coupe explains, “Well, we know Mary-Elizabeth is coming into town and we’re trying to get out of hanging out with her. What is Max and Dave’s plan for getting out of hanging out with her,” she asks. Pally responds, “Lying at any and all costs. Max doesn’t even care about getting out of it.  He just likes to lie.” Knighton adds, “Yeah, I don’t actually know what’s happening. I just like to lie.”

See why we love this show? Pally had one of the most aw-worthy moments in the Valentine’s Day episode, when he met up with his former boyfriend (James Wolk) and hooked up. Pally confirms that Wolk will be in a few more episodes, but “Max will find a way to screw it up.” Aw again, because we love them together. He also told us that they really do eat all the sandwiches that are made on the show. “My job on this show is to stuff my face all day and then take my shirt off.  That’s what I do.”

In an upcoming episode, all the characters have sex dreams about Dave in the Feb. 29th’s episode, “Cocktails & Dreams.”. Of course they do. Dave turns his food truck, “Steak Me Home Tonight,” into a mobile speakeasy and evening sexy time take over everyone’s brains. When a show like “Happy Endings” does a dream sequence, you know it’s going to be awesome. The only one we won’t see? Max has already been there and done that in Season One. We really can’t wait to see Brad’s. Not that anything could rival the drug trip he was on after the dentist.

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode

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