The Season 2 premiere of “Happy Endings,” picks up on the one-year anniversary of Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) leaving Dave (Zach Knighton) at the alter.

And though this naturally reignites old resentments between the exes, you won’t see much more on that front in the immediate future. When Zap2it visited the cast on set, Knighton explained the departure from bitter Dave.

“I think this season for Dave is a lot of finding himself and figuring out who he is,” says Knighton. “He has a lot of identity crises along the way. I’m really happy to finally move past all of the relationship stuff we did to establish the show last year and have fun.”

Much like his Season 1 foray into Nerf weaponry, that fun will involve a lot of brief passions. “The writers of the show sort of discovered that its funny if Dave becomes obsessed with things,” Knighton says. “If sets his mind to something, he really becomes obsessed.”

Romantically, we’ll see more of Dave’s encounters with psycho would-be girlfriends, but we wanted to follow up on the lingering rumor of a possible Dave/Penny (Casey Wilson) match-up.

“I heard something about this Penny and Dave thing,” he admits. “I haven’t seen a script yet, but I hear there might be some flirtation there… I just want to do more scenes with Casey.”

For now, we can count on at least one last nugget of gold from his ill-fated relationship with Alex. The premiere, “Blax, Snake, Home,” reveals Dave wrote a ballad for his former fiance — and it’s more than just a snippet.

“We did an actual recording in the studio of ‘Love to the Power of Love,'” Knighton says. “I think Dave will be exploring more in the musical arena.”

“Love to the Power of Love” now exists in crisp, studio audio and as a music video over at fake website for Def Glaze Records. (It’s also at the end of this post.)

For more from Knighton, including his reflections on “Life on a Stick” (R.I.P), watch the full video interview above. And remember “Happy Endings” kicks off Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 9:30 p.m. ET, on ABC.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell