tvd holidays vid Happy Holidays from 'The Vampire Diaries' cast: Eggnog, tobogganing, and resolutionsIt’s that time of year, vamp fans! Snow is falling, carolers are singing, gifts are being wrapped, werewolves are dislocating their elbows in creepy underground cellars… festive!

I spent a few very, very chilly days on “The Vampire Diaries” set this December, and while we hung out in their trailers trying to keep warm, the cast was kind enough to fill me in on their holiday plans and New Years Resolutions… or lack thereof, in the case of Ian Somerhalder.

“I don’t make them,” he says. “Resolutions, they just set you up for disappointment.”

When Michael Trevino and Candice Accola visited the Zap2it offices in Los Angeles, Trevino confessed that his resolution is to delete his Facebook. (Easier said than done… Farmville, anyone?) When Accola said her resolution was to learn to play the guitar, I suggested a musical episode… and Trevino let me in on Zach Roerig‘s hidden talent — tap dancing.

Roerig’s holiday plans involve hanging out with his family at home in the midwest and doing a little tobogganing, and Kat Graham has plans to drink plenty of eggnog — non-alcoholic, of course.

“Everyone knows I’ve never been drunk in my life,” she says, “but I love the taste of eggnog. It’s so good! I think it’s so amazing.” She’s also psyched to show off her Christmas socks – check them out in the video below.

Sara Canning is spending most of her holidays on the plane, but she’s looking forward to it. Steven R. McQueen was looking forward to heading back to L.A. to get away from Atlanta’s harsh weather – but given the current SoCal downpour, he’s probably not too pleased right now.

One thing everyone can agree on? The holidays are a great time to spend with their families before getting back to work in 2011.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie