jayson blair hard times rj berger 'Hard Times of RJ Berger's' Jayson Blair on new girl Claire, Max's heart, racy contentZap2it caught up with Jayson Blair, who plays the jerky jock Max Owens on MTV’s new summer show “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.” He talks episode 6, “Over the Rainblow” and whether we are going to see any more humanity from Max this season.

When asked what he thinks about Max, Jayson laughs and says, “I think he’s a jerk. He’s a bad guy.”

“But what people don’t understand is I think when you’re that age, everything is based on insecurities,” Jayson continues. “He’s got this reputation to maintain and he does that by being what everybody thinks he should be.”

So what can we look forward to in “Over the Rainblow” on Monday, July 12?

“This is kind of a two-parter. In ‘Over the Rainblow,’ you’re going to meet a new student named Claire. RJ’s been striking out with Jenny, so maybe you don’t set your goals so high and you kinda go in for something a litlte more under the radar and see what happens,” Jayson explains. “That’s what you’ll see in these next two episodes, RJ looking for something not as high-end as Jenny Swanson.”

Viewers saw just a little of Max Owens’ softer side in the last episode, “The Rebound.” Are we going to see more growth, more heart from Max this season?

“That was all the heart that you’re gonna get from Max this season,” Jayson laughs. “For a split second and that’s it. That’s pretty much all this season. There’s talks about stuff for next year that’s pretty interesting, but I think last week was pretty much all the heart we’re gonna get from Max.”

But Jayson does tease that “there’s a lot of funny stuff. Just [Max] in general, he’s an interesting one.”

And how does Jayson feel about the racy or more adult content of the show?

“I think it’s great, I wish there was something like this when I was a kid. I think that it is what you make of it. This stuff kind of does happen,” says Jayson. “One of your friends has a huge jock in high school and there’s a running joke about it.”

“There was a friend of ours who was supposedly ‘hung’ and it was a running joke. And the subject matter, ya know, stuff that kids are going through is pretty crazy, so I think that we kind of paint everyday scenarios in a unique light,” he says.

“The Hard Times of RJ Berger” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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