harrison ford letterman star wars Harrison Ford talks 'Star Wars: Episode VII' return on 'Late Show'

After giving Jay Leno the silent treatment on “The Tonight Show” when asked about his returning to “Star Wars,” Harrison Ford has a bit more to say on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” but not much.
When Dave asked Harrison about the odds that he’ll return for either a new “Indiana Jones” adventure or to the “Star Wars” world, he pretended to give a thoughtful answer by simply mouthing words. When Letterman called him on it, Ford admitted, “There’s just no answer, that’s all There’s just no answer.” He did say that he would appear in the movie if given the opportunity, though.
With “Star Wars: Episode VII” likely going into production in early 2014, it’s a scary time for there to be no answer about whether or not he’ll be returning to the series. It’s also a drastic change from his thoughts on the subject earlier in he year. Back in March, Ford told reporters that he was looking forward to being Han Solo again, commenting, “I think it’s happening.”
With a recent change in writers for the new “Star Wars” movie, it seems there’s quite a few questions that need to be answered quickly.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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