harry potter deathly hallows trio 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' quotes we hope make the movies“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I” opens nationwide in just under three hours as of the time of this writing (lucky East Coasters), so we thought we’d share with our Pop2it readers our favorite quotes from “Deathly Hallows” that we hope make it into the movie script (and yes, we realize some of these would be in Part II. Deal with it). And beware spoilers if you haven’t read the books!

]]>Voldemort: “I understand those things that I did not understand before. I must be the one to kill Harry Potter, and I shall be.” Dudley Dursley: “Why isn’t he coming with us? … Where’s he going to go? … I don’t think you’re a waste of space … You saved my life.” Ginny Weasley: “So then I thought, I’d like you to have something to remember me by, you know, if you meet some veela when you’re off doing whatever you’re doing.” Harry Potter: “I’d never have believed it. The man who taught me to fight Dementors – a coward.” Luna Lovegood: “Thank you so much Dobby for rescuing me from that cellar. It’s so unfair that you had to die when you were so good and brave. I’ll always remember what you did for us. I hope you’re happy now.” [on the grave at shell cottage]
“Here lies Dobby, a free elf.” Harry Potter: “You shouldn’t have done that … I see what Bellatrix meant — you need to really mean it.” Minerva McGonagall: “If you wish to leave with your students we shall not stop you, but if any of you attempt to sabotage our resistance or take up arms against us within this castle, then Horace, we duel to kill.” Lily Potter: “You’ve been so brave.”
James Potter: “You are nearly there. Very close. We are … so proud of you.”
Harry Potter: “Does it hurt?”
Sirius Black: “Dying? Not at all. Quicker and easier than falling asleep.” Albus Dumbledore: “It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.” Albus Dumbledore: “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” Molly Weasley: “Not my daughter, you b****!” Ron Weasley: “If you’re not in Gryffindor, we’ll disown you. But no pressure.” Harry Potter: “Albus Severus, you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.” So those are just a few of our favorites. Really the books are so good that this post could be the book in its entirety. But we also look forward to the gems the screenwriters have injected — we still giggle at “Follow the spiders?! Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?” Are you getting excited, Potterheads? We can hardly stand it. Leave some of your favorite “Deathly Hallows” quotes in the comments!

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