harry styles villain of the year or hottest man in music gi Harry Styles: 'Villain of the Year' or 'Hottest Man in Music?'Harry Styles has been nominated for “Villain of the Year” by NME — his competition includes UK Prime Minister David Cameron — and conversely, was voted the “Hottest Man in Music” by a Heat magazine poll. So, which is it?

NME named Styles among the top contenders for its dubious honor, likely because of his vilification by “Haylor” haters (aka those who are not fans of Harry’s relationship with one Miss Taylor Swift).

While Heat readers voted him sixth hottest overall — behind the likes of Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, and Channing Tatum — and No. 1 out of all musicians.

Now it’s your time to choose. Do you despise Harry? Has he absolutely ruined your life by dating Taylor, as he has the lives of many a One Direction fan? Or do you find him to be simply irresistible?

There really is no in-between on this issue, so choose wisely and cast your vote now.

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