harrys law 'Harry's Law': What do you think of David E. Kelley's new show?“Harry’s Law” premiered Monday night, bringing writer-producer David E. Kelley back to television for the first time since “Boston Legal” ended in 2008.

The reviews have been, how to put this, less than kind. Critics have taken aim at Kelley’s usual mix of political topicality and off-kilter antics — the title character (Kathy Bates) sets up shop in an abandoned shoe store after being fired from her job as a patent attorney — and generally said that it feels like they’ve seen this trick before on “Boston Legal,” “Ally McBeal” and other Kelley shows.

We liked Bates’ lead performance as Harry — she rarely turns in bad work, and she elevates several scenes in Monday’s (Jan. 17) premiere — but we agree that the tone is kind of all over the map. And the courtroom scenes? Hoo boy.

But we’re curious to know what you thought of the show: Did you watch the premiere of “Harry’s Law,” and if so, what did you think? Vote in the poll below and give us your opinion in the comments.

Posted by:Rick Porter