hart of dixie episode 5 photos 'Hart of Dixie' first look photos: Can Zoe make Bluebell fall in love with Joel? Probably not

Zoe Hart is finally going to realize how much her new boyfriend Joel sucks in “Hart of Dixie” Season 3 episode 5 … thank goodness.

After almost ruining her chances of getting her job at the practice back in this week’s episode, and pretty much not acclimating to his new southern home at all, Joel’s all-around ineptitude of all things Bluebell will become apparent to his girlfriend in “How Do You Like Me Now?” Of course, Zoe being Zoe, she’ll do everything in her power to fix that … but of course, Zoe being Zoe, her plans will blow up in her face for our entertainment.

Check out these first look photos The CW just released from the episode, and let’s assume the unfortunate soul dangling high up on the rock wall is Joel, because that would just make our day. 

Read the full episode synopsis for “How Do You Like Me Now?” below:

“Zoe is blissfully happy when she sees how well Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) is adjusting to Bluebell, until, she learns the townspeople might have a different opinion of him. Wanting to make things better, Zoe volunteers herself and Joel to chaperone the Go Girl Tween Adventure Camp, but when Joel refuses to go along, she is left to fix the the town’s perception on her own. After a rough start with Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson), George is pleasantly surprised when he learns they work well together. Meanwhile, Lavon is desperate to be part of the Gazebos of Alabama calendar, but when a crucial flower mistake jeopardizes his plan, Lavon begs Lemon to help save the day.”

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“Hart of Dixie” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum