wilson bethel rachel bilson hart of dxie 'Hart of Dixie': Rachel Bilson on Zoe and Wade's long term prospectsZap2it: This season on “Hart of Dixie,” New York-raised Dr. Zoe Hart put her feelings for Alabama small-town lawyer George Tucker — who has spent time in New York — on the shelf and instead dove into a fling with bartender Wade Kinsella. On the surface, it would seem that she and George are a better match, so what do you think is the outlook for her having a long-term relationship with Wade, who’s not her equal in education or sophistication?

Rachel Bilson: They’re totally unequal. Usually it does bother the guy more. There’s something lacking. It’s always interesting to explore the unexpected or what you don’t see coming. On paper, George and Zoe make perfect sense. Sometimes in life, you see people and say, “They totally make sense. They totally don’t make sense.” And the ones that don’t make sense last.

So what is up with that? The “opposites attract” thing, maybe. But Wade’s character has shown that there’s more to him than meets the eye, so it’s interesting.

Zap2it: What do you hear from Southerners about the authenticity of the show and its portrayal of BlueBell, Ala. (actually the back lot at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif.)

Rachel Bilson: I have family in Tennessee, so they love it. Obviously, anything in television is going to be a little exaggerated, but I think the important things that are true to the south are how they’re really committed to their town and their families, how they have this support system.

But no matter what, Zoe stays true to herself, and they really respect that.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare