hart of dixie annabeth lavon break up 'Hart of Dixie' recap: Another breakup rocks Bluebell in 'Should've Been a Cowboy'

Another relationship bit the dust on Monday (Feb. 3) night’s “Hart of Dixie” … but it wasn’t either of the relationships we were hoping for (cough, Zoe and Joel and Wade and Vivian, cough). Nope, the couple that called it quits was actually AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) and Lavon (Cress Williams).

This was the one couple that was perfect for each other. They were the solid, stable rock at the center of all the crazy relationship issues in Bluebell. They were the heart and soul of the town. They worked so well together and the love they shared was one of those rare connections that it’s actually hard to remember a time when they weren’t together. But for some reason, Lavon couldn’t tell AB that he was sure, after spending one year together, that she was the love of his life.

This was where the tears started flowing. AB told Lavon that she knew on day one that he was the love of her life, and she’s been waiting for him to come to the same realization. Even after planning a bachelorette party for a Belle made her realize she wanted — no, needed — to get married soon, she told Lavon she’s be happy waiting months, years, even forever to get married to him as long as he could tell her that he was sure she was the one for him. But Lavon couldn’t say it.

Now, here’s where the problem surfaced. Lavon’s side of things was never properly explained, so his inability to answer AB felt jarring. He told her he loved her, but what was his problem? Did he really not feel the same way she felt about him? If so, that was never properly conveyed. They always seemed so in sync and on the same page. Hopefully his side will be addressed in the weeks to come, because as of now, he’s got no sympathy for crushing AB’s heart. 

Because when Lavon couldn’t tell her what she needed to hear, she let go of his hand and started to cry, and that’s when it was official: Lavon and AB broke up. We wouldn’t wish her pain on anyone, especially sweet and caring AB. Let’s hope Lavon comes to his senses and begs for her forgiveness … preferably with a diamond ring.

What did you think of the big “Hart of Dixie” breakup? Did you see it coming? Because it totally blindsided us, and we’re going to need some major amounts of ice cream to get through this.

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum