hod 3 2 5 'Hart of Dixie' recap: 'Lemonade' rises and falls while Joel struggles to acclimate to Bluebell

Another day, another crazy Bluebell shenanigan blowing up in someone’s face on “Hart of Dixie.” So whose relationship paid the price in “Friends in Low Places?”

“Lemonade” and Meatball

After putting on a charade for the whole town, Lemon and Wade’s fake relationship to make Zoe jealous and cover up the fact that Lemon’s been schtupping Meatball went down in a blaze of glory. Of course, not before some truly hilarious confrontations went down as Monday’s “Hart of Dixie” was in top form. 

Brick lecturing Wade on not telling him he’s been sleeping with his daughter all summer? Only made better by Wade’s complete understanding of why Brick was so upset. George’s anger over not being told about his ex-fiance and his best friend hooking up? It made total sense to Wade, who could not argue against it. Seriously, poor Wade, having to just take on all this blame. 

Wade wasn’t doing it all for nothing, though. Lemon made a huge sacrifice by giving up Carter Covington, the most eligible bachelor in the south, to keep up the charade for Wade’s sake when it became clear that Joel wasn’t leaving Bluebell (or is he? More on that later). The Lemonade friendship is one of the best parts of the show right now. These two have come such a long way and are such good friends to each other, as shown by what they will sacrifice for the other’s well-being. 

Of course, the fake relationship didn’t last the night, as a drunk Meatball announced to the whole town that Lemon was sleeping with him (he was angry that his best friend Wade didn’t tell him about “Lemonade”). Everyone’s reaction to the announcement was just perfect:

George: “Yeah, I’m going to the bar.”

Cricket’s questionably-gay husband: “He’s her beard!”

Cricket: “What’s a beard?”

Joel: “No one ever suspects the guy named Meatball.”

Annabeth: “Crawfish anyone?”

Meatball: “I want some.”

Lemon lost her chance at Carter, and Wade had to face Zoe later that night when she came by to try and wave a white flag. They both still have feelings for the other as was made evident by their reactions to seeing each other with other people. But they both need to co-exist peacefully in their small town. A small truce was reached, but it’s not over for these two.

Joel and Zoe

This New Yorker won’t make like Zoe and acclimate to Bluebell, that much was clear from tonight’s episode. Sure, he likes the drama and shenanigans that Bluebell has to offer, but at every turn, Joel was doing the wrong thing. He couldn’t handle the heat and humidity of the south, he sat on fire ant rock after spending all day searching for a wifi signal, he went into anaphylactic shock at his own welcome party (seriously, no one in Bluebell has a food allergy), and the only person who likes his writing is Tom Long … that’s not a good sign.

The biggest sign Joel won’t fit in to Bluebell? The fact that no one besides Zoe likes him, not even Zoe’s friends. George refused to shake Joel’s hand and made a sarcastic comment about Joel to Lavon, Lavon rolls his eyes at any mention of Joel and absolutely hated his book (he even lamented about not being able to give it zero stars on Amazon!), and Wade’s feelings about Joel are quite clear. 

Seriously dude, you might as well start packing your bags now — Wade’s little trick on Zoe (making her slap herself) was just so darn adorable. 

George and Lynly

We were right! George and Lynly’s one-night stand turned out to be a horrible mistake when Lynly wanted it to mean more (without even knowing George! Stage five clinger alert). Of course, George is in no place to start a relationship but Lynly won’t take no for an answer. 

Instead of ratting George out to Lavon (who was angrily trying to figure out which Bluebell guy “took advantage” of his “vulnerable” cousin), she manipulated George into agreeing to help her study for her LSATs. This “dumb” girl is a lot smarter than she looks. We’ll see if George likes what’s she’s putting down or not as the season progresses.

Also worth noting: there was a great callback to the Season 1 story line of when Lemon was cheating on George with Lavon. It’s little lines like these that reward longtime fans and reminds us of how far we’ve come since the beginning of the series. George and Lavon are the best of friends now, when back then they were the worst of enemies. You just got to love that “Hart of Dixie” history.

So what did you think of Monday’s episode, “Friends in Low Places?” Are you dying for more “Awesome” Ryan McPartlin cameos? Too bad he was only slated for this episode, but at least we have another good-looking face coming to Bluebell to fill the void.

“Hart of Dixie” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum