hart of dixie something to talk about recap 'Hart of Dixie' recap: Zoe's level of denial about her feelings for Wade reaches epic proportions

We knew that with the introduction of Wade and Vivian’s relationship, “Zade” would hit a major roadblock for a while on “Hart of Dixie.” But oh my god, I have never wanted to reach through my TV and strangle a character more than I did watching Monday (Jan. 13) night’s midseason premiere, “Something to Talk About,” when Zoe’s level of denial about her feelings for Wade reached epic proportions.

We all know how she feels about her ex: she’s still in love with Wade. Wade knows it. Annabeth now knows it. Joel finally got an inkling of it. Vivian even touched on it when she was talking to Zoe. And yet … Zoe continues to deny having any kind of feelings for Wade. At all. And that’s just dumb.

So how did we even get to this point? Zoe sees that there’s something brewing between Vivian and Wade, and she tries to nip it in the butt before anything actually happens between her cousin and her ex. But of course she denies the real reason why she’s so against it. She claims over and over again that she wants to “save Vivian from getting hurt by Wade and his mistakes.” I mean. This is just the flimsiest excuse ever, but let’s roll with it, because it’s only going to get more ridiculous from here on out.

Too bad Joel doesn’t get the memo that he’s supposed to be nixing any relationship between Wade and Vivian, and encourages Wade to ask her out, despite the fact that Zoe worked so hard at setting up a date for Vivian with eligible bachelor Carter Covington. Zoe marches straight to the Rammer Jammer to tell Wade that it’s a bad idea to date Vivian, but Wade knew Zoe wouldn’t approve — for the real reason, not her lame excuse that she’s sticking to — and just laughs in her face at her claim to want to save Vivian when she confronts him. Oh honey, nice try. But the date is a go.

In other rocky relationship news, Tansy has brought some major trouble for George and Lynly’s relationship (Wooo!). Lavon notices that George has been avoiding eating out at restaurants with Lynly for the past week (ahem, because Tansy now works at the Rammer Jammer), and mistakenly pushes George into taking Lynly out to breakfast, even though he was trying to avoid Tansy and be noble and stay true to his girlfriend and all that. This isn’t going to end well, especially since even though he takes Lynly to Buttersticks to avoid the Rammer Jammer, Tansy was there getting coffee anyways. Oops. Lynly seems to accept George’s reasoning for avoiding Tansy, but she can sense there’s something still going on between the two exes.

Unfortunately, George’s romantic life isn’t the only thing giving him trouble these days. It turns out, the governor of Alabama believes that if less populated towns merge with their neighbors, it would save the state some money. At the meeting with Fillmore’s Mayor Gainey and his lawyer (and Tansy’s new boyfriend) Scooter McGreavy, Fillmore surprisingly supports the merger — fast tracking it — but Lavon and George are staunchly against it. They approach Tansy for help figuring out why Bluebell’s enemy town is pro-merging, since she has a foot in both towns — you know, because she’s dating Fillmore’s lawyer but lives in Bluebell.

Tansy spills all she knows about what Scooter’s been up to, and George puts it together that Fillmore is bankrupt and that’s why they’re so gung-ho for the merger — they can use Bluebell’s funds if they’re the same town. Lavon and George use Tansy as a distraction to sneak into Scooter’s office to go through his files to confirm that Fillmore’s bankrupt, and Lavon realizes during the mission that pushing Tansy and George together was probably not smart when it comes to his cousin Lynly’s heart. The chemistry between George and Tansy is just off the charts. But he puts his misgivings on hold when they figure out that Fillmore is far from bankrupt. Turns out, Fillmore just wants to take over Bluebell entirely — not merge with them — and put up a giant mall smack dab in the middle of Blubell’s town square. There’s more at stake in this merger than they previously thought.

In order to distract the town from finding out about the merger and panicking, Annabeth and Zoe have the idea to introduce a new (fake) scandal instead. They enlist the help of Wade of Joel, and decide to spread the rumor that AB and Joel had an affair. Wade opts out due to his date with Vivian (and his quota for fake relationships had already been filled), and Joel and AB notice how irrational Zoe is acting about their date. Everyone else can see why Zoe is really against Wade and Vivian, so how long will it take her to admit it?

Apparently, quite a long time. Vivian gushes to Zoe that she had a blast with Wade on their date and he seems more mature than the rumors she heard about him. She really likes him, but since she’s a single mother going through a divorce she can’t jump into a new relationship with no hesitation, so she asks Zoe if she should invest her time and emotions in Wade. Zoe, realizing she’s biased, refuses to take a side — though Vivian takes her neutrality as a warning not to date Wade.

Wade confronts Zoe after Vivian rejects him because he knew the pint-sized doc had something to do with it, and he drops some major truth bombs on her: everyone else in town has realized Wade has changed since he hurt Zoe, but Zoe still insists on punishing Wade for hurting her. He then finally says what we’ve all been thinking all season long: Zoe needs to take a long and hard look in the mirror and think about why she doesn’t want Wade dating someone so close to her, even though they had a great time together and both like each other.

Ahem. It’s because SHE’S IN LOVE WITH WADE. He’s already said it outright in previous episodes, and other people are finally noticing, so why can’t she just face the facts and admit it already?! Enough is enough, Zoe.

After some reflection, Zoe tells Vivian she doesn’t even know why she went bananas about Wade (seriously?). Vivian says maybe there’s just something about Wade that makes Zoe crazy (seriously?!). DUH, IT’S BECAUSE SHE’S IN LOVE WITH HIM. Why is everyone so smart about this and then all-of-a-sudden so blind? Convinced that she should give Wade another chance, Vivian calls him back and they plan another date. Ugh. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Meanwhile, after the town’s press sniffs out that the AB/Joel affair story was just that — a story — Lavon finally tells the town the truth about the potential merger during a town meeting. He vows he will do everything in his power to stop it from happening, but the town still panics. Will Lavon be able to save Bluebell from being sucked into Fillmore? We’ll have to wait to see. At least everyone is in the know now, and can help to try and save Bluebell.

Also, in the most obvious story line that we all saw coming, Brick and Shelby are definitely going to get back together because they’re just perfect together in that weird way that they wouldn’t seem like they work but they do, you know? 

After Brick goes to birthing class with Shelby (which, LOL you guys, can you even imagine that scenario?), she manipulates her way into moving into Brick’s house, which results in her getting in between Brick and his new girlfriend, and just ends up hijackin
g his life entirely. And even though he explodes at her, you can tell he doesn’t really mind because they belong together. Who would have thought we’d ever get the chance to write that sentence? We’re super excited to see where this goes … unlike Wade and Vivian, because that needs to end ASAP so Zoe can finally come to her senses and get back together with Wade.

What did you think of the midseason premiere of “Hart of Dixie?” Are you as fed up with Zoe’s denial as we are? Doubt it.

“Hart of Dixie” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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