hod3premiere 'Hart of Dixie's' Wilson Bethel talks Season 3 premiere, the return of Zoe, and shirtless Scott Porter

We aren’t the only ones who have been impatiently waiting for Zoe Hart to return to Bluebell in “Hart of Dixie’s” Season 3 premiere. When the good doctor finally makes her way back in “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” she’ll have to answer to Wade — you know, the guy that confessed his love for her, only to have her leave town for the summer? — for a huge reason.

“She’s got a new beau!” Wilson Bethel tells Zap2it, referring to “Dexter’s” Josh Cooke‘s new character, Joel. “She picked option D, which nobody saw coming. But I don’t think that necessarily rules out any of the other possibilities of Wade or George. Nothing much changes in Bluebell. As other things change, Bluebell stays the same.”

So how will George and Wade take Zoe’s return after blowing both of them off for NYC for the summer? “I think George has kind of moved on,” Bethel says. “But Wade still has some feelings and Zoe still has some feelings. It’s complicated. That’s probably the appropriate terminology. Your guess is as good as mine. I honestly have no idea.”

As we head into Season 3, expect to see some new faces around Bluebell that won’t be leaving anytime soon … for better or for worse. “There’s a few new characters introduced who I think will be with us for a while,” Bethel says. “At least for the first portion of the season. It’s going to set us up for a whole new season full of romantic twists and turns. It’s good.”

Something else that’s good? Bethel reveals the audience will see a whole lot more of co-star Scott Porter this season, which Bethel is most excited about. “I’m excited to see somebody else shirtless,” Bethel says. “From what I understand, Scott Porter is shirtless in episode 2, god bless him. I’m grateful. I hope the whole season is Scott Porter shirtless. I’ll let him indulge the fans.”

Along with shirtless scenes, Bethel promises the new season will be as fun as the first two, and fans won’t be disappointed. “The tone is ‘Hart of Dixie’ tone. It’s the same tone,” Bethel says. “Fun, a little dramatic, gonna be twists and turns.”

“Hart of Dixie” Season 3 premieres Monday (Oct. 7) at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum