hasbro star wars disney Hasbro denies impending Disney acquisition

There have been plenty of rumors that have sparked after Disney announced it was acquiring Lucasfilm, but the one that seemed to pick up the most steam was that the Mouse House is now moving on to absorb Hasbro. Have no fear, though, because it doesn’t seem like that acquisition is actually happening.

CNBC analyst David Faber (via /Film) caught up with Hasbro advisors who claim that there’s “absolutely nothing going on that they are aware of at all, in any way, shape or form” between Hasbro and Disney. However, that didn’t stop stock in Hasbro from spiking 6.8 percent after news of Disney’s potential multi-billion dollar bid was released.

Even if nothing is actually happening, it would make sense for Disney to move on to Hasbro. The toy company has leveraged one of its most popular properties, “Transformers,” into one of the biggest movie franchises around, and it’s trying to replicate that with some of its other well-known brands. Plus, we all know that Disney likes their merchandise, so why not buy one of the world’s biggest toy makers? Habsro is already responsible for creating the “Star Wars” figurines we all know and love.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz