haven graphic novel season 3 season 4 'Haven' graphic novel to be released with Season 3 DVDsWant to know what happened after the “Haven” Season 3 finale? The answer will be in a graphic novel, set to be included with the series’ Season 3 DVD set.

“Haven: After the Storm” details the immediate events following the meteor storm seen at the end of the last season. According to Deadline, only 100,000 copies have been printed of this 16-page book. The only source will be as part of the DVD set.

Written by Nick Parker (the “Haven” writers assistant), illustrated by Steve Ellis (“Captain America,” “Immortals: Gods & Heroes”) and with a cover by Scott Hampton, the graphic novel will be available starting Sept. 3.

Season 4 of “Haven” picks up the story a full six months after the Season 3 finale, so this graphic novel is meant to fill in a bit of that time jump. With Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) in the disappearing barn, they probably won’t be around. Nathan (Lucas Bryant), on the other hand, is a likely protagonist.

“Haven” Season 4 returns on Friday, Sept. 13.

Posted by:Laurel Brown