haven holiday gift guide audrey santa duke syfy 'Haven' holiday gift guide: Presents to beat the Troubles“Haven” fans are a passionate bunch, and that passion should be rewarded with themed gifts. From Grey Gull glassware to temporary tattoos to a Dwight-style bulletproof vest, there’s a “Haven” gift for everyone.

Under $50

haven temporary tattoo etsy 'Haven' holiday gift guide: Presents to beat the TroublesTemporary tattoo ($5.00) – Even fans can join the Guard with temporary tattoos that copy the real thing.

“Haven Herald” ($13.99) – Someone has actually published this facts-poor (but gas leak-rich) periodical. See what’s brewing in Haven for yourself.

Grey Gull drinking glass ($16.00) – You can pretend you’re at Duke’s bar with signature glassware. Drinks and hot bartenders are sadly not included.

Haven police department mug ($16.50) – Drink coffee the Haven way with a Haven police mug. Does it taste better?
Pancake mix ($17.28) – Everyone loves pancakes (although maybe not as much as Nathan), but not all fans have time to make them from scratch. This can help.

“Lonely Planet Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island” ($17.99) – “Haven” may be set in Maine, but it’s filmed in Nova Scotia. In order to hunt down the locations used on the show, this guide book might help.

haven locations map amazon 'Haven' holiday gift guide: Presents to beat the Troubles“Haven” Season 3 ($39.98) – Season 4 won’t be out on DVD for awhile, but you can catch up with the season that led into it with these discs.

Under $100

“Haven” hooded sweatshirt ($53.50) – It gets cold in Maine, so a hooded sweatshirt is a must if you want to stay warm. With a Guard insignia on it, you would fit right in when visiting Haven.

Lighthouse wax seal pendant ($59.00) – Wear the heart of Haven over your own heart with a beautiful lighthouse pendant.

Over $100

Bulletproof vest ($599) – Your Trouble may not involve all bullets hitting you, but it’s better safe than sorry. Why not keep safe like Dwight with a handy bulletproof vest. You can wear it under jackets and shirts if you don’t want to advertise, after all.

The “Haven” Season 4 finale airs Friday, Dec. 13 at 10 p.m.

Posted by:Laurel Brown