haven audrey lexie emily rose greek easter egg syfy 'Haven' Season 4 spoiler: Check out a 'Greek' Easter egg from the premiereThere are many mysteries going into “Haven” Season 4. Thus, we’re going to take away one of them: In an early scene from the episode, there is an embedded Easter egg referencing the gone-but-beloved show, “Greek.”

What’s the Easter egg? Check out the photo below to find out.

haven kappa tau gamma shirt season 3 easter egg syfy 'Haven' Season 4 spoiler: Check out a 'Greek' Easter egg from the premiereThe reference happens silently — on a t-shirt — in one of the bar scenes during the first part of the premiere. A frat guy comes up to the bar and orders a drink from Audrey Lexie (Emily Rose). She even makes a quick fraternity-oriented joke to highlight everything.

For those who don’t know “Greek” (a situation you should remedy, by the way), one of the central fraternities on the show was the Kappa Tau Gamma house. Not the most popular group on campus, these guys were often the most interesting. Why the Easter egg? As it turns out, “Haven” executive producer and director Shawn Piller was the executive producer of “Greek” as well.

And yes, this does give a few hints to Lexie’s new job and identity. She is not working at the Grey Gull or any other bar that’s familiar to “Haven” viewers.

Where is she exactly? That remains to be seen when Season 4 premieres Friday, Sept. 13 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown