The Troubles haven’t gone anywhere when “Haven” returns for Season 4 on Friday, Sept. 13.

On the contrary, a new promo for the season makes it look like things are getting worse in small-town Maine. Strange things are happening. And there’s a new woman in town named Lexie DeWitt.

That would be Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), of course. It looks like a new identity has kicked in!

What else can we learn about the new season from the video?

  • There are some super-creepy kids with identical haircuts and angry expressions.
  • Is that a tornado approaching?
  • “Everything that’s happening in this town is my fault.” Is Nathan (Lucas Bryant) saying this because he shot Agent Howard at the end of Season 3? Because he loves Audrey? Or is this just standard for such a guilt-ridden character.
  • The barn kind of looks like it is falling apart from the inside.
  • Audrey or not, Lexie seems handy with a gun.
  • Colin Ferguson‘s character definitely wants to help Audrey/Lexie with her identity crisis.
  • When we see a meteor-like thing streaking directly toward the lighthouse, does that mean another exploded building, or is this just looking back at the previous season’s destruction?
  • “Here we go again …”

Thank goodness for that!

Posted by:Laurel Brown