“Haven” hasn’t seen the Colorado Kid, aka James Cogan, since he disappeared with the barn in the Season 3 finale. But the young man is far from forgotten on the show and many have wondered if he might return.

Guess what? Steve Lund, the actor who played James on “Haven,” wonders the same thing. When Zap2it talked to Lund about his new show, “Bitten,” recently, he dropped a few hints about whether or not the Colorado Kid might ever return.

Alas, the answer is a solid maybe. It is not, however, for lack of interest or trying on Lund’s part. “I’ve been trying with all of my might to get back on ‘Haven.’ I know there are some people that want to see the Colorado Kid back on the show,” Lund explains in the interview. “[Executive producer] Shawn Piller came a couple of times to visit our set when he was in Toronto. He was even at our wrap party, which was cool. And there wasn’t a time when I saw him that I wasn’t begging him to write us back in.”

If Lund was trying so hard to return, what was the problem? The answer can be summed up in one word: Scheduling. “Neither James nor Arla Cogan had the time away from filming ‘Bitten’ to be on the show, unfortunately,” Lund says, pointing out that his “Haven” wife, Laura Vandervoort, is also the star of “Bitten.”

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Has anybody from “Haven” even told Lund what happened to James when he disappeared into the barn? That would be a no. “They’ve been very vague, because that barn — who the h*** knows what happens in there, you know what I mean?” Lund points out. “It could be anything. I could have turned into a velociraptor. Or I could just be hanging in there hosting wicked parties. I wish I had a more finite sort of answer to that question.”

All of these negatives aside, it seems likely that “Haven” Season 5 could see some sort of return for the son of Nathan and Audrey (as Sarah). As for Lund, he’s ready to return to the role at any time. 

“I’m just waiting for the phone to ring,” he says.

Posted by:Laurel Brown