Masi Oka joins the cast of “Hawaii Five-0” Monday (Oct. 18) — but we’ll get to that in a minute, because first, Steve McGarrett is shirtless again.

“Five-0” has thus far been very consistent about giving McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) a shirtless scene in every episode. Monday’s episode will continue that trend — with the added bonus of his character being in bed. It’s in the clip above: McGarrett and Catherine Rollins (guest star Michelle Borth) wake up together and plan to stay in bed a while, until duty calls in the form of Gov. Jameson (Jean Smart).

masi oka hawaii 5 0 320 'Hawaii Five 0': McGarrett makes out ... oh, and Masi Oka joins the castAs for Oka, the former “Heroes” star will have a recurring role as medical examiner Max Bergman, who shares a name but not much else with the coroner character from the original series. As Oka explains, Max is a former child prodigy on the piano who often lives “in his own world.”

“In the morgue, he has a piano right next to the examination room. He’ll play to think; he’s a tactile thinker,” Oka says. “I kind of liken him to a mad professor — he gets into his own world and he won’t realize people are around him. So it actually takes him like five minutes into a conversation with everybody until he realizes people are around him.”

Oka has filmed two episodes so far, and he says the producers have talked with him about appearing in several more later this season.

“Hawaii Five-0” airs at 10 p.m. ET Monday on CBS.

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Photo credit: CBS

Posted by:Rick Porter