Most of what you’ll see in “Hawaii Five-0” when it premieres Monday (Sept. 20) is new: The pace is much faster, the action bigger and the stories suited to 21st-century Hawaii. Oh, and Kono’s a woman (Grace Park).

But there are certain holdovers from the old “Five-0” as well. The theme song, for one, and also McGarrett’s catchphrase “Book ’em, Danno.” The music was a no-brainer — why mess with one of the most iconic TV themes ever? — but the line has been a little trickier.

“Here’s the key about that: You have to earn it,” executive producer Alex Kurtzman says in the video above. “Because [otherwise] it feels potentially winky, and the audience won’t like it.”

In the series premiere, the line rises out of a couple of conversations between McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan), and future episodes will have similar organic ways to get to the line. “They have to go through the character arc of finding that moment,” Kurtzman says. “In a way it gave us an endpoint for the pilot — we have to earn that line. That means their relationship has to go through a whole lot of ups and downs to get there.”

In the video — which Zap2it captured at the “Five-0” premiere in Honolulu earlier this week — Kurtzman and fellow exec producers Roberto Orci and Peter Lenkov also discuss the progress the show is making, ongoing storylines for the characters and some of the show’s early guest stars. “Hawaii Five-0” debuts at 10 p.m. ET Monday on CBS.

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Posted by:Rick Porter