hawaii five 0 s2 finale 'Hawaii Five 0' Season 2 finale: Chin Ho's choice and McGarrett's big discovery“Hawaii Five-0” seemingly reached an endpoint last week, when McGarrett finally got his hands on Wo Fat and watched a prison cell door close on his nemesis. But while McGarrett’s quest ended up involving Kono as well, the final chapters of it didn’t exactly engage the whole Five-0 team.

That was not the case with “Ua Hala” (“Death in the Family”), which presented everyone with huge stakes, from Danny’s custody battle to what was on the other side of the door in Shelburne’s hideout (more on that in a bit). But it was what happened to Chin Ho that really hit hard.

The case of the week involves a presumed-dead bank robber shooting and killing Chief Fryer (so long, Tom Sizemore), blowing a police building to smithereens and then shooting it out with the Five-0 team. The team traces a connection to imprisoned dirty cop Frank Delano, and we eventually find out the whole thing was an elaborate setup to get at Chin Ho. Why? Because, by Delano’s reasoning, even if Chin Ho wasn’t dirty in his pre-Five-0 days, he knew who was and still got away mostly unscathed while Delano sits in jail.

Delano then goes all Joker in “The Dark Knight” on Chin Ho, presenting him with a choice: Save Kono or save his wife Malia. He chooses Malia, which A) seems like what just about any husband would do and B) if logic even applies in a situation like this, perhaps Chin Ho thinks Kono is better equipped to get out of the situation on her own. It’s a false choice anyway, which I’m sure he suspected — Kono gets pushed over the side of a boat, and when Chin Ho gets home, he finds Malia on the floor, near death. “Hawaii Five-0” is not the kind of show that’s likely to get much Emmy consideration, but Daniel Dae Kim played the heck out of the scene.

As for McGarrett? First of all, we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who started thinking, “Terry O’Quinn … run-down shack … wait, is Shelburne Jacob?” But if you had pegged Shelburne as someone related to McGarrett, pat yourselves on the back. And if you had the “Alias” Season 1 ending — “Mom?” — give yourselves an extra pat.

That’s mom, as in the woman presumed murdered, information on whom was in the Champion box the Yakuza was so interested in — which makes a whole lot more sense if Mrs. McGarrett (casting suggestion: Lena Olin, just to continue the “Alias” theme) is in fact Shelburne.

We’ll be waiting to see how the cliffhanger resolves itself at the start of next season, but what we’re really looking forward to seeing is how the emotional fallout from this episode lingers. The producers promise it will, and we hope they stick to their word. “Five-0” is a fun weekly ride, sure, but the episodes that we like best are the ones that go a little deeper.

What did you think of the “Hawaii Five-0” season finale, and the big reveal at the end?

Posted by:Rick Porter