hawaii-five-0-season-3-finale-alex-oloughlin.jpgSeason 3 of “Hawaii Five-0” looked for all the world that it was going to end with a few unanswered questions, but well short of the cliffhangers that have marked the close of the first two seasons.

Yes, Kono, Adam and Doris McGarrett are on their way to China at the end of Monday’s (May 20) episode, and Doris and Steve still haven’t talked about what the heck is up with her and Wo Fat. But had it ended there, we would still konw that Kono is in the clear and promising to return, that Danny and Gabrielle end up back in each other’s arms and that Charlie is going to be OK.

And Doris? Well, CBS didn’t pick up “Beverly Hills Cop,” so Christine Lahti might be available to return. And besides, maybe Wo Fat will just tell Steve what the deal is …

And then we get to that final scene. Short of Wo Fat’s prison cell actually being perched on a mountain top, you could scarcely come up with more of a cliffhanger.

So, to recap: McGarrett, knowing his mom visited Wo Fat in prison but not why she did, returns to try to pull the information out of his nemesis. Wo Fat says you’ll have to get me out of here first. McGarrett: Yeah right.

Cue the off-screen explosion and gunfire, followed by someone cutting through the presumably rather thick metal door. “They’re coming to kill me,” Wo Fat says. “Who are ‘they’?” McGarrett asks, entirely reasonably under the circumstances.

And then — credits. We’ll have to wait until the fall to find out who “they” are, along with, presumably, what their reasons for breaking into an ultra-secure prison to get their man.

The question now, then, is this: Is that enough to keep you on the hook until next season? Would you have preferred a little more closure on the Doris-Wo Fat issue, set up months ago but not squarely addressed since then?

Or, because this is what “Hawaii Five-0” does at the end of seasons, are you OK with ending where it did? Who do you think is on the other side of the door?

Posted by:Rick Porter