hawaii five 0 season 4 finale 'Hawaii Five 0' Season 4 finale recap: A change for the better“Hawaii Five-0” ended its first three seasons on major cliffhangers: Lives and careers would hang in the balance over the summer as the show set up hugely perilous situations to be answered in the following season’s premiere.

The show took a different approach in Friday’s (May 9) Season 4 finale, “O Ka Pilo ‘Ohana Ka ‘Oi (Family Comes First).” There are still questions left to be answered and new roads to be explored come fall, but showrunner Peter Lenkov and co-writer Ken Solarz opted for a complete story here — and it was a satisfying one.

The episode brought back Nick Jonas* as hacker Ian Wright, who has a much more analog crime in mind this time: He kidnaps Grover’s daughter, using her as leverage to get Grover to help him steal $100 million in cash from the feds. The task gets infinitely more complicated when the Defense Department operative (Richard Burgi, who literally always plays guys with ulterior motives) makes off with the money himself.

(*Did you ever think a Jonas brother would make such an effectively oily bad guy?)

McGarrett and the team come to Grover’s aid in tracking down Ian and the money, hitting several dead ends along the way. Chi McBride makes the most of his emotional scenes as Grover breaks down over the possible loss of his child — McBride is an imposing authority figure and great at the more comedic moments, but these scenes are a nice reminder of his full range. Scott Caan also gets a couple of strong moments, as Danny can more than understand what Grover is going through.

Grover’s off-book actions get him fired from his post as SWAT commander, but McGarrett is there to save him from a life of endless golf in loud green shorts: Come Season 5, Lou will be a full-time member of the Five-0 squad, raising any number of banter-ific possibilities.

Still left hanging is just why Wo Fat broke himself out of prison, how he knew where to track down Ian and the specifics of what he wants to discuss with McGarrett now that he is out. But it’s a secondary concern of the finale, more of a teaser than a genuine cliffhanger. It’s something to look forward to, but it will allow the show to start next season wherever it wants.

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Posted by:Rick Porter