hawaii five 0 s4 premiere 'Hawaii Five 0' Season 4 premiere: A new adversary but few answers for McGarrett“Hawaii Five-0” rather quickly dealt of its season-ending cliffhanger from the spring in Friday’s (Sept. 27) fourth-season premiere. We all knew McGarrett and Wo Fat would make it out, right?

What it set up for the remainder of the episode, and possibly the rest of this season, however, could be something worth tracking.

The bad guys cutting through the extremely thick prison cell door were the NLM, the terrorist group whose actions propelled the plot in the season finale. After failing to kill Wo Fat, their too-complicated-by-more-than-half scheme involves taking a bunch of hostages at Five-0 headquarters, downloading some data from the team’s computers to sell to the yakuza so they in turn can track down Kono and Adam, shooting the NLM member McGarrett had taken into custody, surrendering, kidnapping Catherine to force McGarrett to break the arrested terrorists out, then fleeing by stolen news helicopter.

It works out pretty well, up to the “fleeing” part. By that time Five-0 and the Honolulu PD have drawn a bead on the NLM, and only the leader, nicknamed “El Condor,” survives. Briefly — McGarrett jumps on the helicopter as it’s taking off from Aloha Stadium and ends up throwing El Condor out the window to his death.

What all the crazy maneuvering does do is set up a couple of potentially ongoing conflicts for McGarrett. First, his relationship with Catherine intrudes on his job in about the worst way possible — Alex O’Loughlin noted in our interview that Steve will have to face a lot of Catherine-related feelings this season, and this can’t make matters easier.

Second, McGarrett and new SWAT commander Lou Grover are instantly at odds — understandably, since Steve forces Grover at gunpoint to give up his prisoners. Chi McBride‘s character doesn’t seem like the type to back down from a fight, so let’s hope we see more of him.

After all that’s done, McGarrett finally circles back to Wo Fat in an attempt to pry some answers about Doris out of him. Wo Fat says he’s been after Doris because “she killed my father,” and she came to prison to apologize to him. For what, he won’t say. McGarrett then takes out a DNA swab and tells Max to run it against his blood for a possible match, confirming the widely held belief among fans that the two are half-brothers. Those results, and how Kono and Adam fend off the gangsters at their doorstep in China, coming soon.

What did you think of the “Five-0” season premiere?

Posted by:Rick Porter