hawaii five 0 s2 premiere 'Hawaii Five 0' season premiere: We're getting the band back togetherCome back with us to “Hawaii Five-0,” won’t you? Where the sun is always shining, major plot obstacles dissolve into minor inconveniences and Wo Fat is always just out of reach.

Yes, there were a couple tough-to-swallow moments in the Season 2 premiere, but part of the easy-to-take pleasure of “Five-0” is that it telescopes things time-consuming real-world problems and smooths over rough patches in the finest cop-show tradition. It’s not the worst thing to have that kind of certainty week in and week out.

And while we knew that McGarrett wouldn’t remain in prison for long, good on the show for getting him out in a slightly unexpected way. Here we thought it would be Terry O’Quinn‘s character who busted Steve out, but it turned out to be Victor Hesse (a returning James Marsters), who knows he’s expendable to Wo Fat and was hoping for a ticket elsewhere himself.

That didn’t end up going Hesse’s way, of course. Wo Fat’s reach is long, but he took care of this bit of dirty work himself, so see you in the next life, Victor.

In death, though, we can at least praise Victor for his excellent aim in inflicting a non-mortal stab wound on McGarrett. We’re willing to buy that Victor missing all of Steve’s vital organs will allow McGarrett to jump from moving ambulances and scale fences without being too much worse for wear, but it’s slightly harder to swallow the “McGarrett’s dad hid a camera in the governor’s office” gambit that allowed the soon-to-be new governor (Richard T. Jones) to reinstate Five-0. (And to overlook Danny and Chin Ho barging into his office unimpeded.)

That’s the way “Five-0” rolls, though. We don’t look for “Breaking Bad” levels of complexity here, and that’s OK. A well-turned tale of the bad guys getting theirs is hardly a bad way to start a long week.

We like the steady hand that O’Quinn seems to bring to the show (although we wouldn’t mind more screen time for him), and we also like that Wo Fat has once again evaded McGarrett’s reach. The lure of the character in the original series was that he always seemed to be half a step ahead, and we like the idea of the show having at least some ongoing thread to pick up in between the various cases of the week.

What did you think of the season premiere? 

Posted by:Rick Porter