true detective hbo go problems HBO GO problems ruined 'True Detective' finale for everyoneThe highly anticipated season finale of “True Detective” aired on Sunday (March 9), but unfortunately for a lot of fans, not that many people actually saw it.

Thanks to some widespread technical problems on HBO GO — the network’s online streaming site — many fans were unable to watch the pivotal episode when it first became available. Fans took out their rage on Twitter, complaining that instead of finally getting to watch the show’s finale, they were subjected to never-ending loading screens. 
That’s literally the worst thing that can ever happen to a rabid TV fan who had been waiting weeks to watch a finale. But at least some viewers got creative with their complaints, as many tweets read, “Time is a flat circle.” (If you’re a “True Detective” fan, you’ll get it.)
HBO responded later that evening on Twitter:

Did you get to watch the episode, or were you affected by the technical difficulties? Can you think of anything worse that could happen to a TV fan the night of a big finale? 
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum