vice season 2 finale HBO's 'VICE' Season 2 finale: What did you think? HBO’s news magazine series “VICE” ended its second season on Friday (June 13) with an episode dedicated to uncovering the ongoing health issues stemming from BP’s oil spill “cleanup.”

“VICE” Season 2 episode 9 featured Dr. Michael Robichaux — the physician who spearheaded a multiyear investigation into how the cleanup’s usage of the dispersant Corexit mixed with the oil was actually more harmful than just the oil spill alone.

In fact, something that was more shocking than the revelation that the cleanup caused more harm than good is the fact that even four years after the spill, Gulf residents and cleanup workers still don’t have access to medical treatment for their myriad of health issues caused by the cleanup efforts.

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Watch a trailer for the finale:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum