healthiest meal ever leatherhead food Healthiest meal ever includes salmon terrine, chicken casserole and blancmangeScientists at Leatherhead Food Research in Britain weeded through 4,000 health claims used by food companies and grocery stores to tempt healthy customers into buying their products in an effort to construct the healthiest meal ever, reports the ANI.

The meal starts with smoked salmon terrine, which is a variation on pate cooked in a terrine (or mold) that gives the pate a certain shape. The use of salmon gives Omega 3 and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are good for your heart and brain.

The next dish is a mixed green salad with a dressing based on extra virgin olive oil. Chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables is the main course, which boasts protein that helps grow muscle mass and pantothenic acid in the lentils, which can help with fatigue and improve mental acuity.

And lest you think healthy means no dessert, don’t despair – the dessert is a yogurt-based blancmange (a panna cotta or custard-like dish) topped with walnuts and sugar-free caramel sauce.

Dr. Paul Berryman, chief executive of the Leatherhead research center, conceived this idea as a perfect airline meal. What do you think? Does it sound pretty tasty?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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