britney spears madonna burning up Hear Britney Spears cover Madonna's 'Burning Up' for Femme Fatale TourThe rumor-mill has suggested that Britney Spears would be singing a special cover to her upcoming Femme Fatale tour (which kicks off June 16 in Sacramento, California), and if the leak of a high quality recording is any suggestion, we may have discovered the track.

Idolater posted a Britney-fied version of Madonna‘s 1983 hit “Burning Up” shortly after a 13-second sample found its way online.

Covering Madonna is hardly a stretch for Spears. An open fan of the singer’s, Britney has performed with her idol, collaborated with her on a single and even covered her before — remember the opening scene of “Crossroads?” 

Snap judgment: We like it. “Burning Up” is one of our favorite Madonna tunes ever, and you can get a hint of Britney’s reverence for the singer in the track. But judge for yourself…

And, for good measure, here’s trip down memory lane with Spears’ abbreviated, underwear-dancing cover of Madonna’s “Open Your Heart.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell