heidi montag breasts again Heidi Montag babbling on Twitter: 'I love America and freedom!'If Heidi Montag is trying to convince people that she’s doing fine, is completely sane and doesn’t have a silly drug problem, she’s taking the wrong tact.

For the past few days, Heidi seems to have regained the ability to type and has been Tweeting like a maniac with the most bizarre and inane tweets that sure sound like someone who may be — how to put this politely — high on more than life.

Her latest include “PS I HAVE NO FRIENDS. the ones who are pretending to be “friends” or family”, are crazy, angry, broke and bitter, this is why I”

“I have never felt sexier, happier or more amazing in my own skin. I truly look the way I have always dreamed, I love America and freedom.”

 “Going on a hike! I love Nature, and not just my dog.”

Her other recent Tweets include: 


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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead