heidi before after Heidi Montag insists she's not addicted to plastic surgeryHeidi Montag previewed her new face (and other body parts) on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday (Jan. 19) and addressed the criticism of undergoing 10 plastic surgeries in 10 hours — at age 23.

According to Heidi, the suggestion that she’s addicted to plastic surgery is like, so ridiculous.
“I would say that none of those people know me at all,” Montag replied. “And that’s just a judgment. I’m not addicted.”

]]>heidi montag surgery Heidi Montag insists she's not addicted to plastic surgery“The Hills” star said she’s not addicted to plastic surgery because she hasn’t gone under the knife 10 separate times. Sure, she had something done three years ago. 

And yeah, okay, she did have 10 surgeries done in one day last November. But she claims that because she had them all done at once, that proves she’s not an addict.
Don’t bother to argue. Seriously. Just call it Heidi Logic.
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Photo credits: Good Morning America/People