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When the Queen can’t make it, Dame Helen Mirren is more than a suitable replacement. A dying 10-year-old boy in England had one wish, to visit Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Sadly, the Queen was not able to arrange the meeting.
That’s when Mirren, who stars in 2006’s “The Queen,” stepped in, inviting the boy, Oliver Burton, and his family to see her West End show, in which she plays the Queen, according to the Daily Mail. After the show concluded, Oliver and his parents were invited backstage, where they met a still-in-costume Mirren. 
During the visit, tea was served and Mirren even knighted the young boy. Oliver’s dad, James Browne, says Mirren stayed in character as the Queen throughout the visit. “Oliver thought she was the real Queen,” he says, “And well, that’s good enough for us.” 
Before the meeting was done, Oliver also got to meet Coco and Roco, the corgis used in the play, and had Mirren sign his British flag. Though they have been told his cancer cannot be cured, Oliver’s parents are completely focused on making whatever time he has left as happy as possible. Thanks to a fund that has been raised they are able to do just that. In addition to meeting Mirren, Oliver’s family is also able to take trips, including family day visits to theme parks.
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