hells kitchen s7 finalists 'Hell's Kitchen': Jay or Holli FTW? Vote!The seventh season of “Hell’s Kitchen” heats up thanks to some tight competition but also a hot tub full of hormones.

The match-up between Holli Ugalde and Jay Santos for the finale Tuesday night (Aug. 10) is something reality show producers dream of: Skilled rivals who are romantically involved.

It didn’t start out that way of course, but perhaps they both saw the passion, the panache, the palate the other possessed. Both have been relatively, consistently strong, so is it now just a matter of experience?

Jay, 32 – Jay is obviously more experienced and is quite at home expediting. There’s no arguing with his skills or poise, but he still second guesses himself at times. Shouldn’t an experienced chef know venison when he tastes it? Hmm, perhaps he’s a bit too distracted by the phermones wafting his way from …

Holli, 24 – This young single mom may have a sweet face, but don’t be fooled. She has a lot of drive and natural talent. She’s not quite as comfortable on the pass and freezes up on occasion. Whether this is weaker leadership skills or just inexperience remains to be seen. She’s a pretty solid chef, and with her son, we’d hope she keeps her eye on the prize and not on her blue-haired flirtation.

So, will it be the Boston executive chef or the Redlands banquet chef? Perhaps they should just team up and share a hot tub along with the gig of head chef at The Savoy Grill in London. That ought to make Chef Gordon Ramsay proud, right? 

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Photo credit: FOX

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen