gordon ramsay hells kitchen 'Hell's Kitchen' recap: You Come at the Queen, You Best Not MissThe women walk off, tails between their legs, after Amanda’s ouster. Elise can’t believe Carrie’s still here, but she figures Carrie won’t be much longer anyway. She goes off on a tirade back in the house, bitching about Carrie right in front of her. “I am so over Elise and her mouth and her attitude,” Carrie tells us. Elise is also spraying bullets in Krupa’s direction. “Her attitude puts everybody off,” says Krupa, and then we watch as she packs up her stuff to move to a different bed, one that’s not near Elise, and Elise really sorta illustrates what a good idea that is by screeching uncontrollably at her.

“She’s got her ****ing nerve!” says Elise, who really never does stop talking. I think she must breathe through her ass.

The next morning, sous chefs Scott and Andi show up with special gear — overalls and boots — for the teams. There’s a delivery truck of chicken out there… but the cooks don’t have to unload it, so they applaud. The truck pulls away, revealing behind it a coop full of actual live chickens, and the culinary nimrods keep clapping for long after they should have figured out that they’re likely going to have to do something more challenging than lifting a few boxes. Anyway, it’s some stupid game in which they take turns chasing chickens because each time they catch a chicken they get to pull an ingredient from a list, and however many ingredients they get, that’s what they can use for today’s challenge.

“We don’t chase chickens where I come from. We chase chicks,” says Will, making sure everyone knows that New Jersey has heterosexuals living there. Including him! Got that, ladies? Will is all (non-gay) man! Elizabeth says, “We need to win a ****ing challenge.” I love how it’s become impossible to get through a talking-head without dropping an F-bomb. It’s like the way your mom and aunts use LOL on Facebook.

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