hells kitchen season 12 premiere 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 12 premiere: Don't stick your finger in the food“Hell’s Kitchen” is back with a bang on FOX, as Season 12 appears to have found wild animals to stand in for some of the chefs. Seriously, a few of these cooks are down-right dangerous, if the preview clips of the season are to be believed. But let’s see how the season premiere shakes out.

The First Challenge

Each chef has to cook his or her signature dish, as per usual. It’s a closely contested competition, but the women pull out a win, 5-4. Hilariously, there are a couple men’s dishes that are comically bad, like the guy who uses canned tomatoes and pre-made, store-bought tortellini. Dude. Have you never seen a Gordon Ramsay show before? There are “MasterChef” home cooks who know better than that.

The Dinner Service

In addition to the regular stations like scallops, risotto and lobster tail, Melanie and Chris are in charge of the table-side Caesar salad. As we see how the chefs operate, we feel like Melanie and Chris got the best deal of the night.

Gaurav sticks his finger in a pan of sauce, licks it and goes back to work, while Joy completely melts down in the women’s kitchen, screaming and crying and carrying on. Needless to say, Ramsay is not happy with, well, pretty much anyone.

Eventually, every single chef is kicked out of the kitchen and Ramsay yells, “This is the worst opening night in the history of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’!”

The Elimination

The teams nominate Gaurav and DeMarco from the men’s team and Sandra and Nicole from the women’s team for elimination. Frankly, it’s kind of jaw-dropping that Joy isn’t nominated.

In the end, Gaurav goes home, though, so it wouldn’t have been Joy anyway. It is pretty gross to stick your finger in the food — and when Ramsay’s there?! C’mon, kid.

Best line: “I call myself ‘Culinary Jesus’ because I’m perfect and awesome and have many followers in the kitchen.” — Michael DeMarco

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