holli hells kitchen 'Hell's Kitchen' winner: Holli Ugalde beats 'love interest' Jay SantosAfter weeks of being berated by Chef Gordon Ramsay, Holli Ugalde finally won Season 7 of “Hell’s Kitchen,” making her the new chef at Ramsay’s Savoy Grill in London. The runner up was her hot tub buddy, Jay Santos.

Both contestants had a rough dinner service, mostly thanks to their teammates’ blunders and Ramsay fueling anxiety with his constant shouting. In the end, the dinner service went better than expected, though, and it seemed to be a close call. While waiting for Ramsay’s decision, Santos belched grotesquely.

“I would love to be more articulate about how I feel,” Santos says. “But I don’t even know how I feel.”

In the end, Holli says that her “whole entire future” lays behind the door. When she opens it, confetti rains down and her entire family is there to witness her moment of victory, including her adorable son, who will be moving to London with her. “Mama, you’re the winner!” he shouts. Awww.

Watch the big moment below. Do you think the right chef won?

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Photo Credit: Fox

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie