hemlock grove season 2 kaniehtiio horn netflix 'Hemlock Grove' Season 2: Destiny will finally leave her apartment, teases Kaniehtiio Horn

“Hemlock Grove” will finally let the witch leave the nest in Season 2. Kaniehtiio Horn’s character Destiny played a small, pivotal role in the first season of the Netflix drama, but the actress promises that the witch will finally “get out of her apartment” when the second season premieres.
“I just wanted to spend more time with her, really, and I’m getting the opportunity to this year,” Horn tells Zap2it and a group of other journalists invited to the set of “Hemlock Grove” in October 2013. She says after Season 1, “I just wanted to explore her more. I would come and I would play for just one day … everything would be in like one day and then it would be like, oh, it’s over.”
In addition to leaving her apartment, Horn says viewers will also learn more about Destiny’s history. “You do get to meet someone from Destiny’s past that might hint a little bit on where she comes from,” she teases.
Her relationship with her cousin Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboiron) continues to be a key part of Destiny’s role in Season 2 as well. 

“I think she has that motherly instinct inside her that she can’t help warn Peter and make sure everything is OK. It’s just in her. If she let it slide, I don’t think it would really be her,” Horn says. “It’s not like a love relationship, it’s not brother and sister, it’s cousins and it’s so much deeper. The care that Destiny has for Peter, that’s going to be fun to explore this season.”
By spending more time with Destiny in “Hemlock Grove’s” second season, Horn has found a deeper love for the role. “This character is amazing. I love this character, I love playing this character. She’s fun and different. I mean, I get to play, and that’s why I started doing this,” she says. “She’s so interesting. She’s a gypsy witch prostitute. Who wouldn’t say yes?”
“Hemlock Grove” Season 2 premieres on July 11 in its entirety on Netflix.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz